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Type and description of our courses

Tower’s language department now provides private classes for managers and intensive immersion training for one or more students. All of Tower’s language classes are provided on-site or in our own classrooms by highly qualified language professors in their native language. The selection of language courses on offer includes Advanced Language Skills Training (EN, FR, GE), Mini-Group Courses (EN, FR, GE, IT, LU, SP), Business English Training for Executives and Semi-Intensive and Full Immersion Courses in all the popular languages. Another option for busy employees is our extremely convenient web-based English Language courses that feature listening and speech recognition capabilities and allow the user to study at his or her convenience without being committed to a set time or location!

Advanced Language Skills Training: This training is designed to help individuals or small groups improve their business vocabulary and grammar. It is normally scheduled for one to two hours once or twice a week, but may also be given in half-day sessions or any other format requested by the client.

Business Language Training for Executives: This unique course is designed strictly for senior executives who want to have private sessions tailored to their specific linguistic skills and business requirements (banking, marketing, logistics, etc.). These courses are often scheduled as ‘semi-intensive’ sessions of four hours per day during a specified number of days.

Business Language Immersion Courses: ‘Full’ immersion courses are given to groups or individuals at the client’s location or in our own classrooms. The purpose of these sessions is to ensure that the client(s) hear and speak only the target language on an undisturbed ‘full-time’ basis away from their regular place of work and the normal working language. (40 to 50 hours).

Language Training ‘Freshen-Up’: Semi-immersion course (4 hrs/day) for individuals or groups who want to improve their speaking skills in the target language in order to have a good knowledge of the correct terminology necessary for everyday social and business situations (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The course consists of conversation activities, grammar and vocabulary building exercises, listening comprehension, sample writing assignments, and role-play exercises, as required.

Our “on demand” Two-hour Mini-Session language training courses are targeted to the knowledge and skill levels of the participants (i.e., novice, intermediate, advanced) and cover topics such as Basic Writing Skills, Writing Essentials and How to Compose Effective E-mails.

Basic Telephone Skills: Consists of Telephone Conversation Activities, Grammar and Vocabulary Building Exercises, Listening Comprehension, and Role-Play Exercises. (1 to 2 hours twice weekly for 6 to 10 weeks)

Business Correspondence and Report Writing: Includes practical exercises to demonstrate proper procedures for drafting and finalizing written correspondence, emails and reports. (Tailored course, 2 days)

Business Language and Communications Skills: Includes practical exercises in telephone conversations, conference calls, conducting business meetings and formal or informal business conversations. (1 to 2 hours twice weekly for 10 to 15 weeks)