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Business Language & Communication Skills


Course Objective

The purpose of this Course is to help the student(s) learn or improve their skills in the target language (i.e., English). Upon completion of the course, they will have a good knowledge of the correct terminology required for everyday social and business situations – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


It is assumed that the students already have basic (beginner to elementary level) knowledge of the target Language and now need to increase their business vocabulary and speaking skills.

Course Curriculum

The course will consist of Conversation Activities, Grammar and Vocabulary Building Exercises, Listening Comprehension, and Role-Play Exercises, as required.Video Films and Cassette Tapes, if appropriate to the lesson objectives, may also be used to present sample business conversations (telephone calls, etc.).

Course Materials Provided

Textbooks, Teacher Handouts (Reading Articles, Worksheets, etc.).


Student(s) should already have reached the intermediate level of the target language.


10, 20, 30 or 45 hours


English, German, French, Italian and Luxembourgish. Other languages upon demand.

Additional Communication Skills Training

Course LC-04A - Professional Courtesy
Includes telephone courtesy, meeting etiquette, professional conduct at work, conversations with clients and associates, proper attire, punctuality, cultural differences, eating and smoking, etc. (4 to 8 hour).