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Communicating with People in Authority


Course Objectives

Presented by Christopher E J Heath, Managing Partner, EuroMondiale, this workshop addresses the question of “How do I get my superiors to listen to me?" Many communication skills courses assume that there is no power difference between the communicators but the reality is that we often must communicate across different levels of authority! What should we do?

Upward CommunicationParticipants will learn how to structure their approach and use techniques to maximize their impact. They will learn to evaluate the context and choose appropriate strategies while also managing their emotions and handling other’s difficult behaviors.

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of speaking up
  • Understand the impact of power and position and identify their own powerful position
  • Identify perceptual filters that impede understanding
  • Improve their ability to listen powerfully
  • Identify powerful approaches to influence others
  • Develop appropriate assertive behaviors
  • Manage their emotional responses to difficult behaviors
  • Build their confidence when in stressful situations

Course Contents

  • Understanding your Audience
  • Impact on Self, Others and Organization
  • When they say No!
  • Power and Authority
  • Influential Communication
  • Powerful Listening
  • Assertive Communication
  • Future Actions

Who Should Attend

This workshop is appropriate to anyone who finds it hard to speak up when talking to people in authority. It is also appropriate to anyone who does not get a sympathetic hearing from senior colleagues.


Good level of English.

Course Length

2 Days (1 Day for Condensed Version)

Course Language