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Language Training by Telephone


Course Objective

The purpose for providing language training by telephone is to allow the student (executive, employee, housewife, etc.) to practice the target language on a “one to one” basis at a pre-set time that is convenient for him or her no matter where they are located. In each case, the student will be in contact with a qualified language professor who knows the student’s specific language needs and skill level.


Special Note: Language training by telephone is not recommend for real beginners because the basic explanations that are needed at the start of any language training generally require that the professor write example sentences or grammar rules on a board for the student to see.

To begin the course, we require that the teacher and student start by having at least two hours of “face to face” training in order to determine the student’s initial level of knowledge and to develop an agreed curriculum for the future lessons. This introduction may take place at a mutually convenient location and will include the planning of the course arrangements and scheduling of future lessons, including length and time of each phone conversation. Additional meetings of 60 or 90 minutes may be scheduled throughout the period of the course for a maximum total of 12-hours contact time.

Recommended Course Curriculum

  • Conversation Activities
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Building Drills
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Correction of Mistakes
  • Clarification of Terms (Vocabulary)

Course Materials Provided

Teacher Handouts via fax or e-mail (Reading Articles, Worksheets, etc.).

Who Should Attend

Anyone who finds that regular scheduled courses are not convenient for his or her circumstances and is comfortable with the “one to one” training method.


This specialized training is only recommended for students who already have reached the intermediate level of the target language and now desire to enhance their vocabulary and improve their confidence and fluency.


In accordance with client requirements (approximately 14 weeks). After the first face-toface session, the lessons can be scheduled in one of the following formats:

  • Three 20-minute sessions per week
  • Two 30-minute sessions per week
  • Any other mutually agreed frequency and length

Note 1: The student is required to phone the professor to initiate the lesson.
Note 2: Missed lessons that have not been rescheduled in advance will be charged at the full rate.


English, French or German (Other languages with sufficient advance notice)