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Business Skills Training Courses

TOWER’s experienced trainers prepare and conduct on-site training tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Our trainers have provided high-level professional training courses for major Luxembourg clients including Delphi, DuPont, Ernst & Young, Goodyear, Husky, KPMG and Telindus, to name a few. They have traveled to Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Poland to deliver our special brand of leader training to important clients in those nations. Although English is our primary training language, we are also able to present our courses in French and German.

Preparation for on-site training always includes pre-meetings with clients as well as company tours and information briefings so we can ensure that the course content meets the specific needs of the client. Each delivery includes the full service our customers expect - last-minute coordination, prompt arrival of trainers, clear and precise delivery in the requested language, course evaluations by students and a wrap-up assessment of the training with the responsible supervisors. All participants receive professional handouts and course material as well as a Training Certificate that is recognized under the Luxembourg Law (modified 22 Jun 99) concerning governmental incentives related to training of employees.

To see more details or to make a reservation for a particular training, simply click the course title on the left of the page or follow the link to the listing of scheduled courses.