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Diversity Management For Leaders


Course Objectives

We often speak of the world as a ‘global village’ due to the great variety of people working within the various sectors and organizations that we encounter on a daily basis. In fact, the world has already become much smaller since we can now quickly travel from one place to another fairly quickly. You may be in Europe today; North America tomorrow and the following week attend a meeting somewhere in Asia! But more important, you will have employees working for you that come from many diverse regions of the globe.

This training enables the participants to develop self-awareness, and awareness of diversity issues in the workplace, to understand the basis for the behavior of diverse groups, and to develop the ability to communicate and achieve rapport with them. The participants will develop skills to build cohesive teams out of diverse groups, in order to create, as leaders, an inclusive organizational culture that is welcoming to both employees and consumers, capitalizing on diversity to impact employee productivity, creativity, commitment, and ultimately, profitability.

Course Contents

  • Leadership Self-Analysis
  • Ways of Thinking
  • Effect of Nationality on Culture
  • Culture and Behavior
  • Parameters of Difference
  • Self-Awareness and Body Language
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Building Rapport and Understanding
  • Wrap-Up and Goal Setting

Who should atttend

Anyone who wants to work more effectively with people, especially those from other cultures. It is especially relevant for members of global corporations and international agencies or work groups that bring together persons from European, American and Asian cultures.


Good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


2 days