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Building Trust and Credibility at Work

Course Number: HR-02A, Luxembourg

Course Objectives

Personal satisfaction and success is not only based on actual performance; it is also largely influenced by how well we interact with colleagues, supervisors and clients.

Building CredibilityOne area where this can be a problem is conflict and/or anger management. No matter what side of the coin you are on – giver or receiver – such situations are hard to resolve without some future resentment. Another area is the so-called ‘I win, you lose’ situation. This can arise due to lack of confidence on one hand or an overly aggressive colleague on the other.

Whatever the reason for these situations, the results - poor performance; resentment, missed deadlines and unnecessary stress - can therefore be quite disastrous. In this course you will learn to build trust, manage anger and become more assertive. Acting assertively allows us to feel self-confident and generally results in gaining the respect of our colleagues and superiors. It means accepting responsibility for our own actions and being able to express our thoughts and feelings in a way that clearly states our needs and keeps the lines of communication open with the others.

This innovative training course includes interactive discussions and role-play exercises which will enable you to understand the processes that make you more effective and, in turn, help you to increase your self-confidence and sense of achievement!

Course Contents

  • Recognition of Behavioral Types
  • Definition of Assertiveness
  • Understanding and Asserting Your Rights
  • Handling Frustration and Emotional Stress
  • How to say “No” when Necessary
  • How to Recognize and Deal with Anger
  • Anger Management - 10 Tips to Tame Your Temper
  • Develop Specific Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Conflict Resolution
  • The Four Necessary Elements of Trust
  • Seven Steps to Influence Credibility
  • ractice Active Listening and Use Questions Effectively
  • Give Positive Feedback and/or Constructive Criticism

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to master effective, assertive communication and build trust and credibility with colleagues.


Good level of English. Attendance is limited to 10 participants per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.


1 day (2 days for more intensive role play and group discussion)