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Constructive Criticism Technique


The goal in constructive criticism is to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve. In the workplace, we see this when a supervisor is critiquing an employee with the goal in mind to improve their performance or work habits. Unfortunately, quite frequently we find it very difficult to give any type of criticism without having something go wrong.
So, how do we give constructive criticism without appearing to be phony or couching the constructive criticism to a point where the person does not take it seriously? Constructive criticism has to be genuine. A person giving this criticism must genuinely feel that it is important to give it. The person receiving the criticism must have some level of understanding of your role, and understand that you truly want them to improve.
This Constructive Criticism course is designed to provide the participants with an understanding of themselves and others in situations where constructive criticism is required to resolve unsatisfactory situations before they become worse. By learning how to take a team approach, you create a collegiate type atmosphere where both individuals are on the same level so it becomes easier to critique, not criticize, and thereby create a solid foundation for improvement.
A variety of practical exercises are used throughout the course in order to give the participants the opportunity to test constructive criticism techniques under different situations and circumstances.
  • Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Recognizing Ego States and Socially Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Body Language and Communication Techniques
  • Maintaining Control in Difficult Situations
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Advanced Techniques and Tips

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Supervisors and managers who want to develop or improve their constructive criticism skills. Attendance is limited to 10 participants in order to provide the maximum interaction and practical experience.

PREREQUISITES: Good level of English.

LENGTH: 1 day