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Emotional Intelligence Training Course

Course Number: HR-01

Course Objectives

Emotional Intelligence Training CourseEmotional Intelligence is the intelligent use of emotions. Many people have difficulty in managing situations that are emotionally volatile, especially when the emotions aroused are anger and anxiety.

When coupled with poor communication skills, the results can be disastrous. People who have high self-awareness and can manage their emotions are able to use their emotional intelligence to ensure that their relationship with family, co-workers, bosses and customers are as productive as possible. Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence (EI) is perhaps the most essential determinant of success in the workplace. Luckily, emotional intelligence isn’t a trait that you either have or don’t have.

You can increase your emotional intelligence by learning and practicing the skills and capabilities self-awareness, emotional control and self-motivation) that make up emotional intelligence.

This Emotional Intelligence course will help you to develop your understanding of emotions in yourself and others, so that you can improve your negotiating skills and work more effectively to achieve better results. You will also learn how to increase the synergy within your team to gain optimum performance.

By using your emotional intelligence effectively, you can advance your career and improve your life.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Initial Self-Assessment
  • Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Developing Self-Awareness
    • Managing Your Emotions
    • Controlling Negative thoughts
    • Motivating Yourself
  • Using Emotional Intelligence in Your Relations with Others
    • Developing Effective Communication Skills
    • Developing Interpersonal Expertise
    • Expressing How We Feel
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Organization
    • Developing Trust and Managing Conflict
    • Helping Others Help Themselves
    • Using Modelling and Role Playing

Who should attend

This course is relevant for anyone who wants to know the basis of those human intelligences considered to be a part of EI and to discover how these innate skills can be used more efficiently in business as well as private life.


Participants should have a good knowledge of the course language.


1 day (introduction and theory only) or 2 days (including realistic exercises that give the participants the opportunity to practice the techniques involved).


English, French or German