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Improve Your Appraisal and Feedback Skills


It’s been said that ‘Feedback is a gift’. Highly effective leaders take appropriate efforts to counsel their employees about their duties and provide useful and effective feedback to help them to better understand where they are at a given point and what actions they need to take in order to meet agreed objectives and standards of performance. Besides the appraisal process, managers use feedback to reinforce good performance and behavior as well as to help employees who need to improve performance or change inappropriate behavior. Performance counseling informs employees about their jobs and the expected performance standards and provides feedback on actual performance. The best counseling always looks forward without dwelling on the past and what was done, but rather on the future and what can be done better. Points to be covered during this course include preparation, review of past performance, active listening, concentrating on performance rather than personalities, being specific about successes and failures and agreeing on objectives. This interactive training will focus on creating a workplace culture that fosters the development and continuous improvement of your company's most valuable asset – its people!
  • Understanding the appraisal process
  • Understanding the employee’s motivation
  • Planning the appraisal and discussion structure
  • Reviewing past performance and looking to the changes
  • Discovering strong elements and growth opportunities
  • How to praise performance and criticize constructively
  • Discovering learning & growth opportunities
  • Discussing poor performance fairly
  • Setting clear and realistic objectives
  • Essential follow up
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Role-play of typical appraisal scenarios
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is for all personnel who supervise other employees and would like to be sure that the feedback they provide is both positive and constructive so that the employees have a better understanding of what they must do in order to reach the agreed objectives.
PREREQUISITES: Participants should have a good knowledge of the course language.

LENGTH: 1 or 2 days (depending upon the amount of role-play required)

LANGUAGE: English, French or German