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Motivation Skills


Self-motivation plays a major role in the performance of a business because the organization’s success relies upon the proper performance of its staff, which in turn depends a great deal upon their motivation. Good motivation helps to build morale, increase performance and reduce unnecessary absences due to stress-related illnesses. At work, a self-motivated employee requires less management, has less downtime and is likely to be more productive and creative.
Motivation is the key to starting a task and staying with it. Participants will be able to balance work and private life, and to master the positive habit of self-motivation. By learning how to strengthen their position and confidence, they will be able to better resist the many factors that negatively affect their own motivation.


  • Understanding Motivation: Realization of the importance of motivation and the factors affecting it.
  • Motivation Theories: Examines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and other theories of motivation.
  • Building Your Own Motivation: To motivate someone else you need to be motivated yourself!
  • The Communication Process: Eliminate the barriers that interfere with the effectiveness of a communications attempt.
  • Conflict: Learn how conflict affects motivation and work performance.
  • Confidence Building: Managing the Team.
  • The Value of Praise: Leadership and Rewards.

Note: The two-day course expands upon the topics of ‘creating the vision,’ setting goals (value goals and result goals) and the constructive use of critical success factors and empowerment.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is relevant for anyone who wants to increase their own motivation so that they can better work with their colleagues and increase morale within their unit.

PREREQUISITES: Participants should have a good knowledge of the course language.

LENGTH: 1 or 2 days

LANGUAGE: English, French or German