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Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

Course Number: HR-14

Course Objectives

Organizational Behavior in the WorkplaceWorking in an office where people behave offensively can quickly take the enjoyment out of going to work each day. Offensive behavior comes in many forms, including bullying, harassment, shouting, using profanity, humiliating others and in general, any activity that is unprofessional or inappropriate. It can be shocking and intentional or minor and unintentional, but employees and supervisors should not tolerate it in any form in the workplace.

In this training you will learn about the functions of appropriate workplace behavior and review customary workplace standards that should be practiced within the organization. The training includes interactive discussion and role play to reinforce the steps that employees can take if they feel harassed or bullied by other employees or supervisors. An extended version of the training is available for supervisors and team leaders which covers additional topics and behaviors related to the subject.

Companies that create and enforce strong organizational behavior policies know that such actions can have positive affects upon overall performance and employee retention within the workplace!

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Workplace Behavior
  • Types of Offensive Behavior
  • Bullying and Harassment at Work
  • Internet and E-Mail Harassment
  • Other Conduct to be Avoided
  • Functions of Organizational Behavior
  • What Employees can Expect
  • What Supervisors must Do
  • Rebuilding Commitment and Understanding
  • Case Study Exercises
  • Review and Wrap-up

Who should attend

All employees are advised to attend this training and to familiarize themselves with their rights regarding this subject. An extended version for leaders covers the topics listed above as well as supervisor liability and responsibilities along with procedures for responding properly to complaints. Additional case studies covering leader responsibilities are also included.


Good knowledge of the course language (written and spoken).


  • 1/2 Day Orientation for Employees
  • 1 Day Leader Training