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Recruitment Interview Skills


"An employment interview usually lasts about an hour, but its consequences can last for many years. For those who lack the proper skills to interview effectively, an interview can be completely worthless!" Managers and team leaders are usually required to participate in the recruitment and selection process of new employees. However, in our busy world, we often wait to prepare ourselves until just before the candidate arrives. Regardless of whether you interview often or only occasionally, a review of the selection process and proper interview skills will help you avoid problems. The one-day training gives managers and team leaders the knowledge required to select and evaluate employment candidates so that the managers can become important contributors to the staff selection process within their organization. The two-day session includes additional exercises and practice interviews.


  • Preparation for the Employment Interview
    • Identifying Objectives
    • Reviewing Job Descriptions
    • Assessing Applications and Selecting Candidates
    • Deciding Strategy
    • Arranging Interviews and Selecting the Location
    • Preparing yourself.
  • Points to remember
    • The Initial Impression and Body Language
    • Equal Treatment of Candidates
    • Avoiding Barriers.
  • Conduct of the Interview
    • Opening
    • Language
    • Controlling
    • Evaluating Candidate
    • Asking the Right Questions
    • Use of Tests
    • Closing an Interview.
  • Analyzing an Interview
    • Recording Results and Impressions
    • Making an Offer
    • Dealing with Unsuccessful Candidates
    • Assessing your Ability.
  • Review and Follow up

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Managers, team leaders, human resources staff and other management personnel involved in the selection and recruitment of new staff members.


LENGTH: 1 or 2 days

LANGUAGE: English or French