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Train the Trainer


Course objectives

The ability to train staff is an essential skill of effective managers. Whether by ‘one to one’ coaching or in the form of group sessions, the training must have identifiable objectives, be well structured and include elements of evaluation for it to be truly effective. Managers and Team Leaders who can quickly and efficiently design and deliver training that helps their department or company to improve processes or increase production capacity are valuable assets to any organization.

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A skilled trainer has the capability to:

  • understand training needs and objectives
  • research information and details
  • develop training material
  • deliver clear and precise training
  • evaluate and follow-up
  • get results

Course content

  • Working with different learning styles.
  • How to write and structure a course.
  • Using PowerPoint, flip charts, handouts and workbooks.
  • The importance of planning and timing.
  • How to keep the training interesting.
  • Methods for providing constructive feed back.
  • Maintaining group control and handling difficult trainees.
  • “One to one” training techniques.
  • Presentation and communication skills.
  • Using body language to improve delivery skills.
  • Drawing to the conclusion and reinforcing main points.
  • Self-review and evaluation of the training.

Who shoud attend

Anyone who needs to plan and develop ‘in-house’ training for the purpose of developing or improving employee skills or demonstrating new equipment or procedures.


Participants should have a good knowledge of the course language.


2 days (with a separation to allow for preparation of practical exercise).