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Creating a Solid Quality Foundation

Successful strategies require aligning mission, vision, plans and policy.

When it comes to quality, we often find that leadership puts too much focus on quality tools and not enough focus on the market. Their focus is ‘inside out’ and not ‘outside in.’ Many companies have spent lots of time, effort, and money doing the fad of the week. There were many claims of dollar savings that did not reflect in the profits or the customers’ satisfaction.

In addition, activities related to compliance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) often added more bureaucracy to an already over burdened system that resulted in little or no improvement. Maybe they should have spent the time and money finding out what the customers wanted rather than focusing their teams on improving things that the customer didn’t want.

Our quality assurance training courses keep this important focus in mind so that we can help you ensure that your quality systems and relationships with your customers are properly focused.

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