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Customer Relations Management


No matter what the type of business, the most crucial task of any company is to create and maintain a profitable and sustained relationship with their client base. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), not new in concept but new in the form of execution, brings marketing to a true ‘one to one’ sense, building a strong brand and a profitable and recurring business into a growing customer base. Companies who have a high-quality CRM program achieve greater levels of customer acquisition and retention and become outstanding in service excellence. CRM helps them to increase their profit margin through higher premiums and gives them a sustainable competitive advantage. It also serves to increase the ‘good will’ of the firm while making sure that the customer feels appreciated and cared for.
Participants will learn how to understand their customer base and focus their brand management on good customer relations. They will begin to think from the ‘outside in, versus the inside out’ and will be better able to identify and segment customers and gather relevant customer data. The training will show them how to review their business process, prioritize and profile their client base and determine customer value and profitability.
  • Brand value and brand equity - views held by your customers
  • CRM explained - the concept of lifetime value
  • The CRM program – building brand value from share of wallet into share of heart
  • Direct marketing - employing customer knowledge and relevant information
  • Implementing CRM strategy - to become more customer focused
  • Leveraging brand trust - increasing service awareness
  • Communication, information and new media - challenges and opportunities
  • Customer service - the art of delighting clients

Throughout the training, the participants learn how to identify and respond to significant challenges in the selling situation while keeping themselves and their clients focused and on track. Most importantly, they learn to become effective selling professionals!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone directly involved with clients and customers.

PREREQUISITES: Good level of course language and openness to change.

LENGTH: 2 days

LANGUAGE: English, French, German